Thursday, February 26, 2009

Paws for a Cause

Tonight the kids and I are taking Remy to have his portrait taken. heard right....a portrait of our dog. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. He is special and way worth it! Enough said.

Lara Blair Images in Camas is sponsoring the Paws for a Cause event. I tried to get Remy an appointment last year, but all the slots were full. This year, my neighbor, Jodie (who has 'connections'), told me about the event in advance. I have had this appointment since November!

The photos are $30 and 100% goes to the Humane Society. What a deal.

Check back later tonight to see the photo. *update!*
I won't get the photos back until March 19. :( Lara will add it to Facebook sometime this week. It should be on my FB page soon).

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Laurel said...

I so would have signed up Peanut had I known! Her Website is cute.