Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pullman Visit!

Last weekend, Remy & I got the opportunity to hitch a ride with friends and travel to Pullman! YAY! Those are opportunities NOT to be missed! Seeing Matty AND my favorite place? I'll take it!

Remy claimed shotgun. ☺

Feeling piggly wiggly while waiting for Matty to finish class!

Reunited! ♥
We got to see Matty for a tiny bit on Friday, as he had composite photos with his frat that night, plus a function. Accumulating points is a must if one is a pledge!
Early the next morning, I took Remy & Jack on a walk around campus, then all over downtown Pullman. We watched the sunrise come up over Sloan Hall.

Thompson Hall - my favorite building on campus.

These two were on a Duck hunt! GO COUGS!
By the time we came back from our walk, everyone else was up. It was time for coffee and breakfast! I was in charge of breakfast and brought 'omelets in a bag.' A tip I gleaned from my friend Michelle.
So easy! Assemble all your favorite omelet fillings in baggies (or bowls), give everyone a quart sized Freezer bag, write their name on it with a Sharpie, put in the fillings of your choice & pour in 1/2 cup of Egg Beaters (or 2 fresh eggs).

Massage the bag for a few minutes, add to boiling water, turn down heat and simmer for 13 minutes.

Massaged & ready for the simmering water!

Voila! Delicious omelets ready for consumption!
After breakfast, the menfolk went to TriState in Moscow, Idaho, the moms all went to visit our kids in the dorms. After spiffing up Matty's dorm room (ahem!!), I left Matty to finish his laundry and went to Ferdinand's to purchase Cougar Gold Cheese (I also treated myself to an ice cream cone!). Look who was in front of me in line: Cougar great Jack Thompson!
Celebrity sighting in Ferdinands! The Throwin' Samoan!!
Then back to camp to spend time with Matty before the game.
Spending quality time with my baby!

Late night stroll on campus after almost beating the Ducks!
We came very close, people!!!

I had a great time visiting Matty in Pullman!
It was such a treat to see him experiencing life at WSU!!!