Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What the Heck?!

Check this out.....I don't know whether to be flattered or not. Someone in China has taken the time to translate my blog post regarding Zenni Optical. Wow. So far, this Chinese post has received over 45 hits. How do I know this? Because Site Meter lets me know fun facts like this. Interesting......

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好的方面呢就是我能有新的框架眼镜了。一个朋友把Zenni Optical介绍了给我。这是一家很实惠的网上配镜店。她说她已经从那儿买了好几副的眼镜,总价格比在Costco买一副还便宜。我已经仔细浏览过这个网站并深深地同意我朋友的说法。我看了下Costco的镜架和镜片的价格,我喜欢的那副眼镜镜架和镜片加起来要$122.00。我也看了下Zenni Optical网站上镜架和镜片的价格,我发现即使我选好几副,并选择高级点的镜片,价格还是很实惠。
我从Zenni Optical订购了4副眼镜。 而且非常幸运的是,我正好赶上了他们的bogo Promotion ( 买一送一活动 —— 为期一周截止到9月23日结束 ) ,4副总共才花了我$87.00,这还包括了运费。
在Zenni Optical买眼镜还有一个乐趣,那就是你可以上传你的大头照去试戴他们不同的镜架。如果你没有照片,你也可以用他们网站上提供的模特头像来试戴。

Zenni Optical买眼镜,需要我自己提供瞳距。我用我缝纫用的卷尺测了下,但是没有得到一个准确的数字。我还试着下载了他们网站上提供的瞳距尺来测量,但是和我尺子一对照,发现还是不太符合。于是我去了Costco,让他们工作人员帮我测下了我的瞳距。然后我用了那个数据去Zenni Optical上订购了眼镜。
推荐大家去看看Zenni Optical。即使不买眼镜,你也可以上传照片,用他们的在线试戴系统尝试各式眼镜戴在脸上的效果,这是一种无穷的乐趣!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Try This!!

I found a new cleaning tip via Pinterest!

To remove pet/human hair from carpets before vacuuming, run a squeegee all over the carpet. Sound too good to be true? It's not! Say goodbye to clogged vacuums/rollers! I couldn't believe the amount of hair that was removed. Remy is a super light shedder, so 99.9% of the hair belonged to Nas or myself. I will spare you a photo, just trust me - it works!!☺ If you have shedding pets or family members with long hair - you need to try this tip!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Eyes Have It

For the last ten years, I have been lucky enough to have had the same vision prescription.  As luck would have it, I had an eye appointment last Thursday & found out my vision rx had indeed changed. Darn it!  I have worn contacts for 27 years and wear them 99.99% of the time. Unfortunately, I can no longer wear my contacts all day long & must wear glasses most of the time.
The good thing about this is that I get new frames. A friend told me about Zenni Optical. It's a discount online eyeglass store. She told me she had purchased several pair of eyeglasses for less than one pair at Costco. I checked the site out & she was right! I priced frames/lenses at Costco & the one pair I liked came out to about $122.00. I priced several frames/lenses (with lens upgrade) at Zenni Optical & it was so much  more affordable.
I ordered 4 pair of glasses from Zenni Optical. I was lucky enough that this week (thru the 22nd), Zenni Optical has a buy one, get one sale! The four pair of glasses cost me $87.00 with s/h!
The fun of Zenni Optical is that you can upload a photo of yourself & try on different frames. If you don't have a photo, use one of theirs.

To order from Zenni Optical, I needed a pupilary distance number. I measured with my sewing measuring tape & didn't get an acurate number. I also tried a downloadable PD ruler from the site. I checked it against my ruler & they didn't match.  So I stopped at Costco  & asked someone in the vision department to measure it for me. I used that number for Zenni Optical. 

Check out Zenni Optical. If you don't order any frames, at least upload a photo of yourself & try on the frames. It's endless entertainment!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Quick Trip

Matty & I spent exactly (to the minute!) 24 hours in Olympia. We ventured up to visit with family & to attend an 80th birthday party for my sister's mother-in-law.
The first stop was to B's house to visit with Barley.
See how big he is? He's not even 6 months old yet.

Still very much a puppy!

Such a sweet pea!


After puppy play time, we broke with tradition (dinner at Ramblin' Jacks) and went to the Iron Rabbit instead. The burgers were very good. B & Matty proclaimed them the best burgers in Olympia.
Sunday morning we woke up to an oxymoronic morning: sunny/foggy.
I spied this spider web from the kitchen. Absolutely beautiful.
 My mom, nephew, sisters & I took all three dogs for a walk. This was our walking path.
Rural Olympia

After our brisk walk, we got ready for the birthday party. Matty & I entertained the dogs, but it was  Barley who actually entertained us. Just watching him attack the plant below was hilarious.☺
What's so funny?
 Here is the one & only photo from the party that I have.
 Fun fact: we met a gentleman at the party who said his son/daughter-in-law had a Vizsla that looked exactly like Remy. After talking for a while, the man called his daughter-in-law. We found out that her dog & Remy are from the same breeder, but different litters. Such a small world!☺

Monday, September 10, 2012

Make This!!

Coconut oil popcorn!
This, my friends, is delicious stuff!!
Take 2 Tbs. coconut oil, 1/2 cup unpopped corn, 1 Tbs sugar & shake gently over medium high heat in heavy saucepan. Once corn starts popping, remove from heat & pour popcorn into a large bowl. Season with salt. Stir and ENJOY!
You're welcome!☺

Satay Singapore-Style

When we were in Singapore, we had satay almost every evening. We usually had it as an appetizer. Tiny bite sized pieces of beef, chicken, pork or lamb served with the most delicious shrimp & peanut dipping sauce. Omid's friend, Jeffrey, witnessed our satay obsession first hand; and was kind enough to gift us with two packages of our favorite satay sauce.

The magic is in the sauce!
 Omid decided to make satay for us last night. He cut 4 chicken breasts into bite sized pieces. I wasn't sure this would be enough (I can put away a whole-lotta satay!).
4 chicken breasts = 59 satay skewers

59 skewers was enough!
Just barely, though.☺

Roasting mini marshmallows for dessert.
I plan to guard the second package of satay sauce like gold. Omid has explicit instructions to bring home 10 packages on his next trip to Singapore.☺

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Netflix This!!

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

This is a very cute & sweet movie! Omid called it a 'chick flick', but has watched it twice: once on the airplane home from his trip & again with me last night. It definitely made it on the list of my favorite movies.☺ Do yourself a favor & add it to your Netflix queue!