Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015!

We had a wonderful Christmas!!
Christmas Eve 11:59 p.m. shot.
3 hours past my bedtime!!
Fun Fact: Matty & Alyssa bought the tree behind me
for my birthday on the 11th.

This is our 27th Christmas together!
Santa purchased this soft bed from Costco.
Remy LOVES it!
So happy that Naseem got to spend two days with us!♥♥♥
Look at Jack & Remy in this shot!
They were waiting for Lin to give them a cookie.☺

Pre-dinner shot.
The kids table!

So much love between us all!♥
We were definitely missing Ward, Lia & Alyssa.♥

Seahawk Sunday!

Omid was lucky enough to get tickets to last Sunday's Seahawk game against the Browns. He only had two tickets, and since I went to the last game with him (5 years to the day!), he took Nas this time.  I did get to hang out with them at the pregame event which was lots of fun!

Did I mention they were in a field box?! Lucky ducks!

Seahawks WIN!!!

This is where I hung out during the game: Elysian Fields Brewing.
Try their Space Dust IPA. It's gooooood!


Friday, December 11, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Naseem came down from Seattle to visit for Thanksgiving. We are thankful she was able to stay for 5 whole days!


Omid participated in 'no shave November' for work. He won the mustache contest!!
I wanted him to keep it, but he said it had to go!

Nas & I were starving & staved off hunger by taking silly selfies.

Sweet boys! Jack was our special guest for Thanksgiving. He had a delicious time!! #primerib

I love this photo! #happy

Remy was excited for Apple Cup 2015. Cougs lost and we were so sad.

Goodbyes are so sad. ♥