Thursday, February 23, 2017

Friday, February 3, 2017

Spaaaaahhhhh Vacation!

This past week was spent in Mexico with friends at a spa resort!
Flying first class!

Look who we met in the line for Customs in Mexico City! Evander Holyfield!!
He was sooo nice!
  Our driver picked us up and drove us the 90 minutes to the spa.  The resort included everything but alcoholic drinks, so we had him stop at the local Walmart so we could pick up drinks/mixers.

The spa offers a daily sunrise walk. Katie and I took advantage of it every morning. Walkers could choose a slow or fast walk (easy vs. challenging). We took the slow walk on day one and the challenging walk the rest of the trip. The walks were one of my favorite things to do on this vacation!

Sunrise walk selfie!

The resort had the most beautiful bougainvillea on site. Such a happy plant! I wish we could grow it here in Washington.

Cocktail hour selfie with Elaine, Margaret and Katie!

Fiesta Night

Katie and I took advantage of BINGO one night. We didn't win, but had fun trying!

Cute dog spotted on our morning walk.

This fence was fascinating! It was made out of old bed springs.

After my massage treatment and waiting for aqua Zumba to begin...
A group of us made the trek into town to find a pharmacy. On the way, we came upon this beautiful church. I love the fiesta flags.
This was our one cloudy day (74*).

Wednesday night, Elaine arranged for a group of us to have dinner off site at a restaurant called Matea.
Waiting for our car....
The restaurant sent three cars for us, all big and black.  We felt important, because we are!
Chef Orlando's dog, Hannah. So cute!
First course: shrimp and calamari salad with avocado
Second course: carrot bisque with sharp cheddar crouton

Third course: lobster with au gratin potatoes and veggies

Fourth course: chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce.

Everything was absolutely delicious! Matea looked like it belonged in Napa Valley or Sonoma.
It was absolutely beautiful!
 Cocktail hour with guacamole!

We took a side trip to the town of Tonatico. Another beautiful church and more fiesta flags!