Sunday, April 7, 2019

30th Anniversary, Paint Your Pet & Make This!

Three posts in one!

On March 30, we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary! Yay us!
Friends Tom and Katie were in town. The four of us ate at El Gaucho.
So much food, so much fun!
Fun fact: the four of us are WSU love stories! GO COUGS!

Chocolate crème brulee and bananas foster for dessert

Tom & Katie brought us a beautiful bouquet for our anniversary.

We extended the visit to brunch the next day. The weather was so nice, we spent the entire day outside.

Naseem stopped by for a quick visit between trips. We had always wanted to go to a Paint your Pet night at The Loaded Brush. Lucky for us, one was happening during her visit.
It was worth every penny and did not disappoint. 

You just email photos of your pets, they are pre-sketched and you do the rest.
Sweet Pea!

Look at that face! #Remykins

I really didn't want to paint over the sketch, as I thought it was perfect with just this green background.

The instructors did a great job of capturing Remy's personality.

Artist hard at work!

I asked for help (several times).
The instructor, Nathan, was awesome! He really encouraged us to try our best 
and stepped in when asked and fixed mistakes.

We loved this class so much, we will definitely do it again!!!!

Nas and I always bake something when she visits. Omid and I are trying to cut down on sweets. I decided we should try to make arepas for breakfast.  They were super easy! We followed the recipe on The Minimalist Baker's website.  I found the arepas flour at Walmart. We doubled the recipe so Matty could have some to take home (they are not only gluten free, but Vegan too).

Just mix warm water, corn flour and salt.  The dough should resemble sugar cookie dough. The dough has to rest for 5 minutes. Pat out into desired sizes.

After pan frying for 3 minutes per side, bake the arepas for 15 minutes (to cook the insides).
We made arepas benedicts. Arepas, pulled pork, avocado, poached egg, lime-cumin crema sauce. They were not only delicious, but so filling too! Make them! You won't be disappointed!