Sunday, July 19, 2015


Giving Thanks....

I woke early the other morning and instead of asking God for what I wanted/needed, I decided to just say thank you for everything.
When was the last time I did that? Last Thanksgiving & it was a generic, 'Thank you God for everything you have blessed my family with.' Oh sure, I always mumble a quick thanks whenever a prayer is answered; but for everything God has given me or my family? Well, never.
So, because I had the time, I decided to really say a prayer of thanks and name all of the people/things/experiences I am truly thankful for, no matter how small or large.
You know what? After I spent a good deal of time doing this (more than an hour), it was overwhelming to me just how truly blessed I am.  I went through the entire day with a thankful attitude. I started noticing the things at work that I am thankful for as well.
What have you thanked  God for lately?