Monday, November 10, 2014

Celebrity Sightings!

Did you know the University of Portland has its share of celebrities? One is a current student, two are alumni and one is the fabulously hip new President! So far, I've had my photo taken with two of the four.
Meet Kevin Chung!
Kevin is the star of Ping Pong Playa! Omid, the kids and I discovered this movie back in 2009.
We all fell in love with Kevin and his adorable character. I blogged about the movie here. Kevin also stars in the movie SPORKS which we haven't seen yet, but it's on our list.

Meet Father Mark Poorman!
Father Poorman is the newly inaugurated 20th President of the University of Portland. He is so adorable and approachable and is known for taking fun selfies with students/faculty/staff! I have tried on several occasions to get a selfie with Father Mark, but have been unsuccessful. Lucky for me, my boss is besties with Father Mark & arranged a one-on-one for me to get my photo taken in Father Mark's Presidential office! Thanks, André! By the way, having my photo taken with Father Mark was the absolute highlight of my day!

The other two UP celebrity alums are Raj (Kunal Nayyar) from The Big Bang Theory

and Erik Spoelstra, head coach of the Miami Heat.

I'm not sure how often these two visit campus, but hopefully, I'll be able to take a selfie with them too!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Quince & Clams

Don't be mislead by the title!
Quince & clams do not go well together...well, at least I don't think they do!
We had a busy Saturday at our house. Up at dawn to prep a bag full of quince that a coworker had given Omid. Omid's grandma, Mamani, used to make a most delicious quince marmalade, so we just had to try and duplicate it.
We started out by washing & peeling the quince, then chopping them. Have you ever tried chopping quince? It takes brute force! The quince were rock hard, so Omid actually had to do all the chopping.
When he was done, he had about 9.5 cups of quince.  We used Fig & Quince's recipe for a start, then Omid decided to add orange blossom water to the mix. That must have been Mamani's secret ingredient, because when we both tasted the finished product, we were nostalgicly transported to Mamani's kitchen.
After the quince simmers for a few hours, it turns a beautiful ruby red!

Omid actually found this paper with Mamani's handwriting on it.
It says: Mateen Omid.
It accompanied some forgotten food item that she had made for Matty & Omid.
Omid though it only fitting that we take a photo with the marmalade & her handwriting. ♥
Mamani sometime in the 1920s.

After we cleaned up the kitchen, we headed west to Long Beach, WA for the razor clam dig.

On the way to the coast, we listened to the WSU-OSU game. COUGS WON!!! 39-32! We needed this win something bad. It's been a heartbreaking season for the Cougs.
Conditions at the coast were perfect! 60*, no wind, lots of sunshine!

Anxious to get our clam on!
We got our limits in 30 minutes and stuck around for a bit to stargaze. It was a beautiful night, and the sky was gorgeously filled with millions of stars.

This morning, we processed our clams. Afterwards Omid flash-fried the clams in butter, alongside a tasty cheddar & red pepper omelet.
All in all, a delicious end to a beautiful weekend.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


This post is a bit backwards! Blogger wouldn't let me move the photo, so the photo above is the beam in place. Read below to know more!

Exciting things are happening on campus! The University of Portland is currently building a new student recreation center. Boss Lady Fay told me about a beam I could sign, so I did. 
Can you see my name in the exclamation point?
I thought it was only appropriate to sign it there.
Most everyone knows that I LOVE exclamation points!!!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pullman Visit!

Last weekend, Remy & I got the opportunity to hitch a ride with friends and travel to Pullman! YAY! Those are opportunities NOT to be missed! Seeing Matty AND my favorite place? I'll take it!

Remy claimed shotgun. ☺

Feeling piggly wiggly while waiting for Matty to finish class!

Reunited! ♥
We got to see Matty for a tiny bit on Friday, as he had composite photos with his frat that night, plus a function. Accumulating points is a must if one is a pledge!
Early the next morning, I took Remy & Jack on a walk around campus, then all over downtown Pullman. We watched the sunrise come up over Sloan Hall.

Thompson Hall - my favorite building on campus.

These two were on a Duck hunt! GO COUGS!
By the time we came back from our walk, everyone else was up. It was time for coffee and breakfast! I was in charge of breakfast and brought 'omelets in a bag.' A tip I gleaned from my friend Michelle.
So easy! Assemble all your favorite omelet fillings in baggies (or bowls), give everyone a quart sized Freezer bag, write their name on it with a Sharpie, put in the fillings of your choice & pour in 1/2 cup of Egg Beaters (or 2 fresh eggs).

Massage the bag for a few minutes, add to boiling water, turn down heat and simmer for 13 minutes.

Massaged & ready for the simmering water!

Voila! Delicious omelets ready for consumption!
After breakfast, the menfolk went to TriState in Moscow, Idaho, the moms all went to visit our kids in the dorms. After spiffing up Matty's dorm room (ahem!!), I left Matty to finish his laundry and went to Ferdinand's to purchase Cougar Gold Cheese (I also treated myself to an ice cream cone!). Look who was in front of me in line: Cougar great Jack Thompson!
Celebrity sighting in Ferdinands! The Throwin' Samoan!!
Then back to camp to spend time with Matty before the game.
Spending quality time with my baby!

Late night stroll on campus after almost beating the Ducks!
We came very close, people!!!

I had a great time visiting Matty in Pullman!
It was such a treat to see him experiencing life at WSU!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Good Luck, Matty!!!

Last week, Matty said 'goodbye' to Camas and 'hello' to Pullman.

Goodbyes are so hard!

We drove over on Friday, as move in day was bright & early Saturday morning. Once in Pullman, we met up with Lin, Ward, Katie & Tom (who so graciously changed their vacation plans to have dinner with us!). Thank you, Berges!!!

Fun fact: All three couples are WSU love stories! ♥

Move in was 8:00 a.m. Saturday. It took less than five minutes to get Matty checked in. He has a nice view of campus & Stadium Way. Fun fact: Both Naseem & my sister Brenda lived in Gannon Hall.

Dorm room set up, complete!

Matty's side of Gannon 622.

After Matty was all moved in, we traipsed around downtown.
Ten years separate these photos.♥

Sunday came way too fast! We met up with Matty at our favorite burger joint! No stop to Pullman is complete without a stop here.

Believe it or not, we ate at delicious Cougar Country Drive In  for breakfast! It's that good!!!
Omid and I said our goodbyes to Matty (which was oh so hard).  Once home, I decided to follow Matty's dorm on Twitter. What did I see? A photo of Matty at the ice cream social! He's in the bottom left with the bucket hat. ☺
So true!
Matty decided to attend Fraternity rush last week. This was a new experience for Omid and I as neither of us went through the Greek system. It was exciting to hear about all the fun he had this week. Matty pledged his first choice Delta Chi!
Here is a fun video Matty sent me. After the pledges received their bids, they ran to the house rep who had t-shirts with the house of their choice, grabbed a t-shirt, then ran all the way from the CUB to the house on Greek row. So funny!

Happy pledges!

2014 Delta Chi pledge class!
I asked Matty if the house employed a house mother. His reply: "No, but we have a house dog!"
Congrats Matty!
We are so proud of you and are excited for you to write your own WSU story!! ♥

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pullman Visit!!

I'm oh so late in updating this post. Oh well, better late than never!
A few weeks ago, Matty had to go to Pullman for his ALIVE! orientation. Omid and I had to tag along and get our Pullman fix too.
Pullman or bust!

Remy also joined us! He's always up for a road trip.☺

Mattys' door in Stephenson East.

I always swell up with Cougar Pride when I see this symbol! GO COUGS!

The WSU sign above it directly across the street from Sella's restaurant. After we took Remy's photo, we went & had dinner. They even let Remy eat with us on the deck!
Sella's for Mac 'n Jack & pizza!
Remy & my favorite building on campus: Thompson Hall.

Amber waves of grain = harvest time!
Omid and I drove down to Wawawaii one day for a picnic; and Remy went for a swim in the Snake River.

The CUB posted this photo on their Facebook page that said: We love our Coug Moms!
To that I add: #notjustacougmom #WSUalumni

No trip to Pullman is complete without a stop to Old European for aebelskivers! #pullmantradition

We visited the new Brelsford Visitor Center. They even welcomed Remy inside.☺

Our last few minutes in Pullman.
Omid and I had a wonderful time visiting all of our old stomping grounds around the area. Matty said he had a great time at Alive! He met lots of new people and seems excited to start his own journey in Pullman. ☺ GO COUGS!!!!