Sunday, January 20, 2019

Hello 2019!

Hello! Its been six months since I've updated this little blog. Is anybody still reading?

Here's what we've been up to:

January 2019:
We visited the Rose City Classic Dog Show. It did not disappoint. We got to see our favorites, the Vizslas (no surprise there!). Remy's breeder wasn't there, but her daughter was. We spent some time chatting with her and it made my heart so happy that she remembered Remy. He left his mark on everyone.


Front row seats for the Vizslas!

Matty turned 23! We hosted a birthday party for him at our house. He is vegan now and has lost about 25 pounds. We had vegan and non-vegan dishes for the guests.
Happy 23rd birthday Matty!!

December 2018:
Naseem was lucky enough to have PDX layovers on both Christmas Day AND NYE! For Christmas, she invited the crew to join her at our house for Christmas dinner. We had a great time and hope the crew did too! We couldn't bear the thought of them having room service for Christmas dinner. Our friends the Kelloggs also joined us. Sadly, we were having so much fun, we only took a few photos.
George (Pilot), friend Margaret, Laura (FA), Matty, Johnny (FA) & Naseem

In December, I also turned the big 5-0! Naseem was able to be in town for that too! Lucky me!!

Omid converted our garage refrigerator into a kegerator! He installed two taps. We've had pFriem IPA, Deschutes Fresh Squeezed, 10 Barrel Apocalypse IPA and Fort George Vortex IPA. So far, pFriem IPA is our favorite!
Come over for fresh beer!!

November 2018
We hosted Thanksgiving dinner. My entire family, plus our friends the Stevens were here. My mom brought her new (to her) toy Poodle. His name is Otis and is super cute. His story: he was found roaming the streets of CA with a Chihuahua.
Matty & Otis

October 2018
I spent a weekend with my sisters in Westport. We visited the town of Seabrook. So very cute! If you haven't been, you should go!

We also skipped the annual WSU pumpkin for Halloween, and carved a Vizsla pumpkin in honor of Remy.

Remy loved Halloween! He always went to the door with us to greet the trick-or-treaters.

September 2018
We travelled to WSU for a football game. This year, Omid and Ward drove over and Lin and I flew (ON THE WSU PLANE!!!!!). That was very cool! We flew into Spokane where Omid and Ward picked us up. We met up with our friend Katie for breakfast, then drove into our favorite town in the state. The Cougs had a GREAT season with Gardner Minshew II as their quarterback and we won the game. I hope to get a selfie with that kid someday!

Pullman has the best sunsets.

The lattes at Zoe Coffeehouse have school spirit!

Victory selfie! GO COUGS!!!!!
#3 for Tyler Hiliski

Over Labor Day Weekend, we travelled to Miami to see Naseem! She lives in a teeny-tiny 350 sq foot apartment that is attached to a house. We had a super fun time and tried to pack in as many adventures as we could.

Nas picked us up from the airport. We took our first ever red eye flight.
I don't think we'll do that again. #sotired

Nas' teeny tiny apartment.

Yummy mojitos on Ocean Drive.

South Beach palm trees



Stone crabs at Monty's
 I really, really wanted to visit Key West since we were so close. We took a day trip there. I loved it & wish that we had spent more time there. It's so cute!
Key West, FL

August 2018
We took our friends Lin & Ward butter clamming near Netarts Or.
We got some really big clams! Its fun and dirty.

July 2018
Matty and I attended an outdoor concert at The Shire in the Gorge. Hunter Noack played the piano. It was very cool. Everyone got headphones. If you wanted, you could wander around the property and listen. If you ever get a chance to see him in concert - DO! We found out about him on OPB's Oregon Art Beat.

Matty and I took a picnic dinner (vegan of course!).
I ate it for Matty's sake, but am happy with my meat & dairy products.
Hunter Noack

I hope you enjoyed reading about what we've been up to! 
I hope to try to get back into the blogging mode again.