Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grad Party (part 1)

Nas' grad party was a lot of fun! Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend a lot of time with all the great people who came to help her celebrate. So sorry about that! I also didn't get enough photos. Oh well. Here are a few. Enjoy!

Proud Aunt!

Go Cougs!!

Jovanna & Naseem
Annette: Why didn't we get a photo!?!
 Cynce: Always ready for a party!

Happy Grad!

I don't know if Brenda is singing to Remy
or lamenting with Cayden (but I love this photo!!)
Click on the photo to see B's expression!
AND just to show I am not mean spirited by posting that photo, check below!

See B: I posted a bad photo of me too!

Amigos three!

Remy looking for another handout.

Des amis....Jenny & Laurent

Camas colors: red & black. The black flower really surprised me.

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