Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pinterest Fail

I love Pinterest, I really do! What's not to love? So many awesome ideas in one place!

But I do dislike Pinterest's new 'website verification' system. I have spent way too many hours trying to get my website verified so I could have my pins profiled. I uploaded the verification file to my root file on my hosting site...only to have Pinterest tell me it's not there. So I spent several hours yesterday learning about html, ftp & root files when I should have been outside enjoying the sunny weather. I thought the error was on my part. I contacted my hosting site and they verified, that yes indeed, it was there & I did everything correctly. I even enlisted the help of my super tech saavy hubs & Pinterest still said they couldn't find my blog.  So...I tried the alternate route & added a meta tag to my blog. 

Not only was it not verified, but Pinterest told me I tried to verify my website too many times and have been locked out & I can try again later. What?! Something that should have been so easy to do, has turned into something that is beyond frustrating.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Update! Yay! Pinterest finally verified my blog! ☺ If you want your blog verified by Pinterest, check out these step by step instructions. Be warned: it could take up to 48 hours! Mine did. :/

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