Monday, August 19, 2013

Make This!!

Persian Rose Water & Cantaloupe Smoothie!
 This is one of my favorite Persian drink recipes.
So cool, refreshing & sweet.

We currently have an overabundance of Costco cantaloupes in our house this week. I love cantaloupe, but felt I could not eat another cube without feeling sick. I am always up for a smoothie and decided to drink my cantaloupe this morning. So glad I did! 
Here's the recipe for one large or two small drinks.
 3 cups cubed & well chilled cantaloupe + 1/3 cup cold water.
 Add one capful of rose water and a handful of ice cubes.
Blend until smooth & voila!
You have Persian paloodeh talebi
(aka: cantaloupe smoothie).

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Chris and Sarah said...

Man, that looks GOOOOOD! I've been using my new Ninja every single day and haven't tried anything with rose water in it!