Sunday, April 27, 2014

Prom 2014!

PROM 2014 
I only have before shots. Hoping to get some photos of the limousine, dinner & actual dance photos later today. But for now, enjoy! *Click on the photos to enlarge.
Our handsome son!♥

Omid, our friend Daniel (who is visiting from Germany), and I caravanned over to Matty's girlfriend's home. We joined several other parents there for photos and snacks.  Her backyard was the perfect spot for a prom photo shoot. The beautifully landscaped yard was in full bloom.

The group!
(photo by Alex Heredia)

The pinning of the boutonniere.
Actually, neither Alyssa nor I could do it. Omid to the rescue!

Why should the kids get to be in all the photos?
Let's hear it for the adults! Woohoo!

Cutest couple ever!
(Photo by Alex Heredia)


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