Sunday, May 25, 2014

UP Update!

Time for an update on my new position at the University of Portland!
I was a bit nervous, as I left such a loving work environment at the Camas School District. The honest truth is I went from one family to another! 
First day selfie!

There are approximately 100 employees in the Physical Plant department that I work in. Everyone has been very friendly and patient while I learn the ropes & the culture.  My two favorite people in the PP department are Sandy & Fay. Wonderful, patient and just all around lovely ladies! I am so grateful that they are the ones training me.
Fay even brought in Thai iced teas for everyone!
So far, so good! I am happy that the transition from Camas has been a positive one.☺


Unknown said...

Glad it's going so well for you. Miss you muchly, but still happy for you.

erinz said...
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erinz said...

Miss you too! I sent a 'read receipt' yesterday and thought of you!!♥