Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hike to Oneonta Gorge

Omid, our friend Tammy & I stole Matty's awesome idea of hiking to Oneonta Falls today. We hiked to the upper falls to get our cardio on (yay for us!). The path is very narrow and on the way down to the parking lot, we saw a young father & his toddler slip off the path and tumble down about 75 feet to the street below! That was awful! So, so scary. Thank God no cars were coming, they most certainly would have been hit. Omid went to check on the two and reported back that the toddler just had a scraped knee (but was very shaken up) and the father was scraped up all over. The rest of their party caught up to them and hopefully they are doing okay tonight.

After that scene, we hiked over to Oneonta Gorge. This was an awesome hike. Scary at times, because of the unknown, but a lot of fun! Before you can reach the waterfall, you have to climb up two boulders to reach a 15 foot high log jam. That was scary for me. It took me a while and thankfully people were patient. You have to go slow as there is foot traffic going both ways. Once you tackle the log jam, there are a few pools of knee deep water, then a pool of chest high water. The rocks are unstable & slippery, I didn't want to twist my ankle or knee, so I walked very carefully. It was definitely an adventure! One thing we noted: everyone had a smile! I'm really glad I went. Thanks for the idea, Matty!!!
If you go...wear TEVAs or KEENs! Water shoes are a MUST and YOU WILL GET WET & DIRTY. Don't take anything that shouldn't get wet, like phones or cameras! Don't forget the towels! Make sure to leave them in the car. They will just get wet & will be useless if you take them along. ☺
Watch the video to see how much fun we had!

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