Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fun with Friends!

Goodbye iconic PDX Airport carpet! You will be missed! In case you haven't heard, the PDX Airport carpet is being replaced with a new design. This carpet is so famous, it has it's own Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages. No joke!
Saying goodbye to the PDX carpet + picking up travelers too.
Now for the real reason for the post: Don't you just love catching up with old friends? We sure do! Especially when they live on the other side of the world! Last week, I stopped by the airport, to pick up Omid, our friend Daniel (Germany) & Jeffrey (Singapore).
Even Remy wanted his photo taken with Daniel & Jeffrey!
After an evening of catching up since the last time we were together, we got up early the next morning and took our guests to the Woodburn Outlet Mall, Costco & the Troutdale Outlet Center.  Next time we'll skip Troutdale! Woodburn is a 100 times better! It was a marathon shopping trip and we were all exhausted.

The next day, Omid took our friends shopping again, while I went to work. Did you know private universities are exempt from taking Federal holidays off? Yep, I worked not only on MLK day, but Veterans Day too. Interesting!

Monday evening, we gathered again at our house, so Omid could cook dinner for not only Daniel & Jeffrey, but for Phil & Elena too.
Waiting for Phil & Elena to arrive.
We had a lot of fun by listening/singing to our favorite tunes from the past (ABBA, Modern Talking, Depeche Mode, etc.).
Remy enjoying his new bone that Daniel & Jeffrey bought him! ☺
 Matty getting in on the fun!
Fun fact: Matty transferred from WSU Pullman to WSU Vancouver.

Omid cooked up an amazing dinner of salmon, tri tip, rib eye steak & his famous Oriental green beans!
 International friends:
Daniel, Omid, Phil, Elena, Jeffrey & Me.
We had a great time while our friends visited and can't wait to do it again soon!☺

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