Monday, September 28, 2015

Nick & Amy Get Married!!

My friend & colleague, Nick, got married over Labor Day weekend to his beautiful fiancé Amy.
Nick and Amy went with me to the Barry Manilow concert and they know how to have a lot of fun! In fact, it was at the Barry concert that Sandy offered to help the two with their meet & greet party the day before their wedding. Sandy is so creative and did a great job with all the little details. I got to be her assistant and learned a thing or two from her.

Decorating the venue: the Alumni House
Look what a beautiful day it was!
Omid drove over to help us out with the party as well. Unfortunately, by the time 5:00 p.m. rolled around, so did the rain clouds.

Omid and a few others ran to save the food & wine. The keg stayed in the cold rain. After about two hours, the rain stopped. Having everyone under the tent was cozy!

Nick, Me, Omid, Walter & Sandy
Barry Happy Wedding Nick & Amy!!

No explanation needed!

My favorite photo!
Uncle Steve & Aunt Sandy ☺
The party went on 'til about 10:00 p.m. It was a huge success! It was so fun to meet Nick & Amy's family & friends.

Matt & Bryan were kind enough to help Sandy and I clean up.
Thanks guys!!!
Fast forward to the next day....the wedding was held at Columbia Edgewater Golf Course.
Waiting for this party to get started!!

The rain held off until the ceremony started. Thankfully it was just a light rain and didn't last too long. Rain is good luck on a wedding day, right?!
Nick & Amy's biggest fans!!!

The reception was a lot of fun! Good food, good friends & lots of dancing. Actually, I danced so much, one of my sling back pumps broke!
Beautiful bride!

Congratulations Nick &  Amy!
We are so happy for you!!!

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