Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pullman Weekend!!

I recently won tickets to any WSU home football of my choice on Instagram and chose the EWU game (first home game of the year).
First stop in Pullman: Ricos for a drink!
Next stop: Lin & Ward's RV! WOOHOO!!! GO COUGS!!!!

Lia and Amy drove off for their own adventures after dinner at Sellas.

We were up to our alumni shenanigans on campus after hours! #gocougs!

Up bright and early for game day celebrations. We had the yummy omelets in a bag again. If you haven't tried those yet, do! Very easy and delicious!

Great seats! Not bad for free tickets!!!


View from the endzone

GO COUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At half time, Lin said the seats next to her and Ward were vacant.
We rushed over and watched the game with our
The Cougs lost, but it was so great to be back in Pullman again!

Omid had to practically put me in the car kicking & screaming, I didn't want to leave.
This was the view out of town. So beautiful!!!

Omid was so thoughtful and took a detour to Walla Walla for wine tasting.
That definitely lessened the sting of leaving town.

Dusted Valley cabernets - always a good choice!

After spending the day in Walla Walla, we headed home.
Check out the sky near Boardman, OR.

Washington State is so beautiful no mater where you travel!

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