Friday, October 6, 2017

Signs II

My Aunt, Dodie, passed away on August 19 of this year, just six weeks after my dad died.
Catching up & saying goodbye at the same time.
Dodie's celebration of life was on September 17th.  A few nights before Dodie's service, I dreamt about it. My dad was present, along with Dodie and my Grandma. My dad was sitting in the very back row of the church. I was eager to go to Dodie's service to see and catch up with my cousins, but also to actually look for my dad in the back row!

The 17th came, and while I didn't see a vision of my dad sitting in the back row of the church, I did see his presence in the back of every pew!
Lo and behold: next to the hymnals in each pew was a bookmark with my dad's name on it: STEPHEN!
So happy to have a sign from my dad!♥

All the cousins at Dodie's celebration of life!
A very happy ending after a sad day.

Last weekend, we hiked Beacon Rock with some friends. I was remembering the last time my dad came along with us. Wouldn't you know, a tiny Monarch butterfly flew around me. ☺
For the last three days, each time I've turned my computer on, my dad's celebration of life bulletin has popped up without me even opening Word. I kept wondering why it was already open on the computer when no one had opened the document. This morning it dawned on me: my dad was saying hello!! I immediately said, "Hi Dad!"

I told my sisters and Brenda had a story of her own! Her husband Tom was driving through town the other day. The license plate cover of the car in front of him read:
Steve Bailey Chevrolet - Oklahoma!!
Wow! Still waiting for B to send me that photo!
Dad- we are LOVING these signs! Please don't ever stop communicating!!♥
UPDATE: Yesterday, we went crabbing in Ilwaco with friends. As we drove over the Megler bridge, I looked over near the Shipwreck where we fished for many years with my dad. I looked down at my phone to glance at my dad's photo on my screen, and saw the time was exactly 11:11 a.m. I told Omid, "Look at the time!!!" He couldn't believe it! Right when we were looking at our fishing spot. Wow!

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