Thursday, March 19, 2020

Strange Times

To quote everyone else...we are living in strange times. I am working from home like most other people until my boss says it's safe to return to work. Someone was exposed to the COVID-19 virus at the building I work in on campus.  Strict orders for all of us to, in his words, 'stay away.'

Omid set me up with a work station at our dining room table. He is working upstairs in his home office. I visited him a couple times today. I asked him if it was just like work with annoying coworkers stopping by unannounced. He said, "Yes." I let him be.

My boss emailed our team today and reminded us that it is the first day of spring. The birds are singing, the flowers have bloomed and asked us to take a minute to really notice it. He also asked us to reach out to friends and loved ones.

I miss my friends. We had weekly dinners. A weekend getaway next month was cancelled with other dear friends as we don't know if we'll still be on lockdown then. A visit from a colleague in Germany was cancelled.

Nas is supposed to fly home in two weeks. Will she be able to? We are worried that national air travel might not be allowed. I actually asked her to drive home all the way from Miami today. That is how worried we are that we won't get to see her.

I am trusting that all will be okay. I know it will be.

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