Thursday, May 14, 2020

Motorcycle Madness!

A few weeks ago, Omid was in a serious motorcycle accident. While he was seriously injured, there are SO many things to be thankful for. Our list of worries is small and our list of thanks is very long. 

He is alive today because he had a top of the line helmet and armored pants/jacket. If you ride, please purchase the correct gear. It could save your life!

Thankfully, both Naseem & Matty were here when it happened. Also unfortunately, COVID-19 was here too; so we were not allowed into the hospital to be with him. He arrived at the ER as a trauma patient, so we witnessed his ambulance arriving with lights and sirens. Not fun.   Also not fun, having to wait for him to arrive. His accident was near Mt. St. Helens, a good hour away. Thankfully, he was able to call me from the ambulance and let me know (something to be thankful for!).

The wonderful nurses at SWMC were great about coming out to the parking lot and giving us updates.  It sucked BIG TIME that we couldn't be with him.  Our wonderful friends came to support Nas, Matty & I in the parking lot while we waited for news on Omid's condition.

Thankfully, he was released 24 hours hour later. While he has a long recovery, he is home and that is what matters!

Again, our list of things to be thankful are long.

Look who's feeling better!!
My sister said that she heard that an hour a day in nature is good for concussions. So...Omid has a green thumb now. Here he is with his first harvest from our little garden.

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