Sunday, May 23, 2010

La Jolla Get-a-way!

Omid & his coworker Vince had business this week in San Diego. Knowing their wives desperately needed sunshine, Vince & Omid brought us along for a few days. Vince & Mia
Omid & I

Pool & Patio

I loved these urns filled with impatience.
I plan to research impatience as this variety thrived in the sun. The only kind I have ever found here in WA is the shade loving variety.

Ginormous aloe vera plant.

Loved these palm trees.
I was looking for the "W" but never found it.
Have you ever watched the movie: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World?

Omid and I drove to the Las Americas Outlet Center. It was huge. So many stores - it was actually sensory overload for me.
The outlet is at the very first exit on I-5. The next exit is the Mexican border.

Here is the border right next to the parking lot of the outlet mall. You can see the Border Patrol in the left of the photo.

After our shopping trip, we met up with the rest of our group for dinner at a Korean BBQ.
Mickey, Omid, Bunyoong, Me, Mia & Vince.


This restaurant used real charcoal to cook the food instead of gas (like the other Korean BBQ's we've eaten at).

Ribeye - sooooo gooooood!

Honey bombs

One, two, three - Go!
These are dangerous! One honey bomb is more than enough.
I have a look of disgust on my face because I didn't want to drink the Coca Cola at the bottom. I was fine with the Shoju & beer, but Coke in drinks makes me sick.
Omid & Mickey
Lunch at The Beach House in Laguna Beach.

Delicious dinner at The Shores restaurant in La Jolla.

This is what I look like on 3 hours of sleep. Yikes!
Just a few moments before we took this photo, I had an argument with one of the TSA screeners at the airport. My suitcase was flagged and I was taken over to a special spot and told to 'sit there.' The screener confiscated 4 things of mine and gave me a lecture. I was so mad at him and argued with him despite Omid's warnings in sign language to just let it go (think NO FLY LIST). I finally called Omid over to help me and then the TSA guy all of a sudden turned nice. It was interesting because the TSA in PDX never said a thing and let me bring those same things in my carry on. No consistency!
Dear San Diego TSA: I will remain forever PO'd at you for the $25 worth of products you took away from me!!! Do I look like a terrorist to you?!

On the plane, headed for home. Omid making me laugh. I already felt better.


The Rinkels said...

How fun! I'm glad you had a nice get-a-way. It looks like loads of fun.
p.s. I agree with your TSA comment. I went through PDX no problem, but was stopped leaving San Diego for my face wash wipes. I'd had them the whole time.

Chris and Sarah said...

Dang! What did they think they could steal from you? I can't imagine what they took.... Are you glad you didn't go over the border? We parked @ that outlet and walked over....SKETCHY! PS - that bbq looked gooood!