Saturday, May 29, 2010

Make This!!

Persian-style Pirashki

My Persian Kitchen posted a pirashki tutorial a few weeks ago. Omid and I thought it would be the perfect day to make these delicious treats. Omid tweaked the filling recipe just a bit (similar to what his grandma, Mamani, used to make).

*I bought Greek style yogurt from Trader Joe's which is like concrete, but my dough was on the watery side too (just like My Persian Kitchen). I needed to use 9 cups of flour (I made a double recipe) to get the dough to the correct consistency.

I think you could buy the premade pizza dough from Trader Joe's or even Pillsbury biscuit or croissant dough from the supermarket to save time. It is time consuming (making it & rolling it out). Would I make these again? Absolutely!! Naseem even gave her two thumbs up!
Omid took over the project after I made 11 pirashkis the size of softballs (way too big!).
Omid's pirashkis (a much better size!).


Matty sprinkled powdered sugar on his. Reminiscent of Moroccan b'stilla. Savory on the inside and sweet on the outside.

Right out of the fryer, these tasted like hot donut.

Here are my softball size monsters.

Finished products. I am so glad we made a double recipe.

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