Friday, April 22, 2011

Try These!

What an absolutely beautiful Good Friday we had here in Camas! Cerulean blue skies without a cloud - my absolute favorite kind of day.

This afternoon, Omid and I went wine shopping for our Easter party on Sunday. We decided to serve our favorite reds. Update: We only opened one bottle on Easter and that was the Columbia Crest Two Vines. Guests opted for cocktails instead. The other reds will have to wait for the next party.
If you are looking to stock up on some delicous wine, here are six different reds to satisfy your needs. Warning: If you are used to Yellow Tail (which is not a bad fall back wine - it's been mine for years) - it will taste 'off' after drinking these wines. Best to serve Yellow Tail another day!
Here are our current favorites:

I tried this at Roots a few weeks ago. I was late meeting Omid for happy hour & asked him to order me a bold red. He thought this would be on the happy hour menu. It was not. It's a pricey wine (at Roots!) for $14 glass. You can get it on sale at QFC or Fred Meyer for around $22. It's worth every penny.

 This Columbia Crest is my new 'fall back' wine. It's inexpensive $7.99 & is frequently on sale. My sister Brenda told me about this wine. It's better than Yellow Tail and has a bold taste & a thrifty price.
 Wow! Oh wow! Oh wow! Nelm's Road is another Roots find. If you can find the Merlot or Cabernet, buy a bottle. I always grab one at the sale price of around $19 at Freddys. Fun fact: Roots has a GREAT wine list. Whatever is recommended, I try. They have always been 'right on' in the wine department and Nelm's Road is one of my absolute favorites.  Go Roots!

Sharecropper's is a gem! I just heard the winery was sold. I hope nothing changes. This is a great wine!

CMS stands for Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah. But being from Camas, Omid and I call this wine "Camas" wine. You can find it at Costco for $9.99 and it goes with EVERYTHING. That includes banana bread.

FFC's claret is superb with grilled lamb chops. Omid and I also like the FFC merlot. Trader Joe's sells this for $14.99.

If you try these wines, I sincerely hope you like them. If you have a favorite red - I'd love to hear about it!

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