Monday, February 27, 2012

Make This!

Crispy Roasted Garbanzo Beans!

Make these! These are delicious & so easy!
 The last time B &I were in Pullman, we looked all over town & in Moscow for locally grown lentils.  We couldn't find them anywhere. We finally found out the Pullman Chamber of Commerce sold them (but it was on a Saturday & they were closed). This time, I went in during business hours & purchased two bags. Now I wish I had purchased more (next visit!!).
The larger bags of Palouse Brand lentils have a QR code.
You can scan it & see exactly where on the Palouse that particular package of lentils were grown. So neat!!
 After I purchased the lentils, I checked out Facebook to see Palouse Brand Lentils had a FB page. They did! With recipes too! Once I read the recipe for the cripsy roasted garbanzo beans, I had to make them. I rushed home from work today & did just that.

Here is the recipe Palouse Brand Lentils recommended. I found a different recipe here (using homemade Moroccan spice).  Make this snack! You will not be disappointed. ☺

Check out Washington State Magazine for an interesting article on lentils.

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