Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh Baby!

Look who we got to babysit last night!!!! Baby Moses!!

Moses arrived sound asleep. He awoke after about 15 minutes & was surprised to see us.

Omid getting a suspicious look. Don't let this photo fool you.
Omid received the most smiles from Moses. I won't lie: I was envious.

Moses posing with one of the dead animals in the man cave.

Look at that face!!! So kissable!
Mo & me.
Fun Fact: Sarah called Moses 'Momo; last night.
Momo is Japanese for 'peach.' Moses' skin is as soft as a peach;
so the nickname is very fitting!!
This video is so cute! Look closely to the left. You can see a jealous Remy trying to get a kiss in.

A big THANK YOU to Chris & Sarah for allowing us to babysit your darling boy!!! We enjoyed every minute of it!!!

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Chris and Sarah said...

Oh, Erin! Thank you so much for posting these pics!! I loved peeking in on MoMo's time with y'all!