Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Presidential Visit!

Matty & I were able to see Air Force One today. So neat! President Obama was in town for a one day visit & since we have the summer off, we thought it would be neat to head over to the airport & take some photos of the amazing airplane.

We were the first on the airport parking garage roof. Then came this fellow. He had a police scanner & was listening to the chatter about when AF1 might be landing. I had my handy 5-0 radio app on my iPhone getting the same info. He told Matty & I that he was responsible for grounding Air Force Two when it was on a Portland trip with VP Cheney several years ago. We thought it best to keep our distance from him 'just in case.' We didn't want to get kicked out for fraternizing with him in case the Secret Service was looking for him.

Marine One
About an hour before the President landed, we were told we had to leave the 7th floor & go down to the lower floors. NO ONE was allowed on the roof. Darn! We thought we had the best viewing station too.
3.5 hours after we arrived at the airport, Air Force One finally touched down. We didn't even get to see it land, as it arrived from the west. We heard a gigantic roar & voila! There it was!

Such a beautiful plane (I'm partial to the 747!)!

Fun Fact: My sister B toured John F. Kennedy's AF1 at the Museum of Flight in Seattle; a modified Boeing 707.
Bonus fun fact: John Boeing was my mom's neighbor in Seattle (1940s/50s).

After the plane touched down, we headed for home, only to be stopped near 82nd Avenue. The Presidential motorcade was on its way.

Click on this photo & squint to see the motorcade.

All in all, this was a really exciting morning for both Matty & I!

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