Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Time for Swine!

Omid, Ward & Jeff decided it was time for another 'meat roasting' party. This time they chose to roast pig. Omid brilliantly chose last Saturday for our pig roast. 90* outside, gorgeous blue skies with just a few clouds...he couldn't have chosen a better day!! We had invited so many people that we had to supplement the meal with ribs & brisket too.  Oh my, what a party! So. Much. Fun.
Remy meets the guest of honor!

 The pig was frozen when it was delivered. Omid slowly thawed the beast in an onion bath.
My favorite!
Omid's first brisket. It was pefect!!

Omid put the brisket on the smoker at midnight & let it smoke until 3 p.m. the next day. He then wrapped it in foil so it would sweat for a few hours, then served it up with the ribs & pig. There were only four slices of brisket left after dinner was over. I think it was everyone's favorite!☺

Ward arrived bright & early on Saturday to help prep the pig.
The menfolk made a top secret pig rub. The only
ingredient I am allowed to share with you is: 2 tsp Chinese 5 spice.☺

Several quartered onions were sewn up inside the chest cavity. Flavor, baby!

Our chefs!
Lin & I were the chef's helpers!☺

We had so much food! It was really a delicious evening. The real fun started after Ward brought his pick up truck around back to where the canopies stood & started blasting his stereo. We started out with country music, then Ward changed it to the 80s station (yay!!!) & the dance floor was hopping! We had a huge 80s sing-a-long/air guitar fest going on for quite a while. Many thanks to our neighbors who let the music blare on until almost midnite!

Click on the collages to enlarge & see the fun photos!☺
Tom & Trevor singing to Journey!

Dancin' fools!☺

Check out Lin's dog, Jack above. He stood in the middle of the dance floor
and would not move. He thought we were all crazy!☺
I am already looking forward to our next party!☺ Thanks so much to everyone who made it a success!!!♥

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