Monday, September 17, 2012

Quick Trip

Matty & I spent exactly (to the minute!) 24 hours in Olympia. We ventured up to visit with family & to attend an 80th birthday party for my sister's mother-in-law.
The first stop was to B's house to visit with Barley.
See how big he is? He's not even 6 months old yet.

Still very much a puppy!

Such a sweet pea!


After puppy play time, we broke with tradition (dinner at Ramblin' Jacks) and went to the Iron Rabbit instead. The burgers were very good. B & Matty proclaimed them the best burgers in Olympia.
Sunday morning we woke up to an oxymoronic morning: sunny/foggy.
I spied this spider web from the kitchen. Absolutely beautiful.
 My mom, nephew, sisters & I took all three dogs for a walk. This was our walking path.
Rural Olympia

After our brisk walk, we got ready for the birthday party. Matty & I entertained the dogs, but it was  Barley who actually entertained us. Just watching him attack the plant below was hilarious.☺
What's so funny?
 Here is the one & only photo from the party that I have.
 Fun fact: we met a gentleman at the party who said his son/daughter-in-law had a Vizsla that looked exactly like Remy. After talking for a while, the man called his daughter-in-law. We found out that her dog & Remy are from the same breeder, but different litters. Such a small world!☺


bgygi said...

I love your rural Olympia pix! And all the Barley ones....of course :)

Chris and Sarah said...

Fun! Did you know that my family owns a little house on Lake St. Clair (near Olympia)? I grew up visiting my grandparents at that place..... now it's my parents'!

The Rinkels said...

Matty's right about Iron Rabbit. We were there last night. It's one of our favorites.