Monday, September 10, 2012

Satay Singapore-Style

When we were in Singapore, we had satay almost every evening. We usually had it as an appetizer. Tiny bite sized pieces of beef, chicken, pork or lamb served with the most delicious shrimp & peanut dipping sauce. Omid's friend, Jeffrey, witnessed our satay obsession first hand; and was kind enough to gift us with two packages of our favorite satay sauce.

The magic is in the sauce!
 Omid decided to make satay for us last night. He cut 4 chicken breasts into bite sized pieces. I wasn't sure this would be enough (I can put away a whole-lotta satay!).
4 chicken breasts = 59 satay skewers

59 skewers was enough!
Just barely, though.☺

Roasting mini marshmallows for dessert.
I plan to guard the second package of satay sauce like gold. Omid has explicit instructions to bring home 10 packages on his next trip to Singapore.☺

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