Thursday, October 4, 2012

Get Crafty!

It's homecoming time for the local high schools. Matty wanted a creative way to ask his friend Cassie, to their school's dance. I begged him to do something different from all the other kids at Camas High. Most kids seem to do some sort of  message with balloons or cupcakes. No cookie cutter ideas here! I found this darling scratch ticket craft from ArtMind (via Pinterest) several months ago & pitched it to Matty. Thankfully, he liked it.☺

 Here's how we did it:

First Matty printed several copies of his message & glued it on construction paper.   Next we covered the message with strapping/packaging tape. Then mixed together 2 parts acrylic paint + 1 part Dawn dishwashing liquid. I painted over the taped message & let it dry. These were our practice strips to make sure it worked.
 We waited one hour before testing the paint. Success!
Final copy.

I got a little carried away with my sponge brush. The paint around the message
was way bigger than it should've been. Oh well.
My fix: add cute stickers...
....and glitter!

I loved this craft & was so happy it worked. Matty was pretty pleased as well. Stay tuned to see formal photos in the coming weeks.☺

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