Saturday, November 17, 2012


Our friend Kristi organized a surprise party for her husband Trevor last night. We all met at Lin's & walked across the stree to Kristi & Trevor's house. Kristi left the door unlocked & we barged right in singing 'happy birthday' at the top of our lungs. Trevor was so surprised!  
Omid, Ward & Jeff did all the cooking. Omid & Ward put the Persian touch to the meal and made koobideh, jujeh kabob, grilled tomatoes, Persian rice, mast-o-khiar and salad Shirazi. Jeff smoked a pecan pie and baked a buttermilk pie. The food was 'out of this world' amazing!

Kristi & Trevor
Happy birthday Trevor!

Kristi, Ward & Trevor

Omid's homemade hibachi for kabobs.


Matt, Matty & Austin

Lia , Amy & Austin

The Three Amigos!

Omid, Sparky & Trevor
Fun fact: Sparky watches tv. So cute!!


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