Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving!
I especially love how it's the kickoff to the Christmas holiday season. Omid & I were at Costco (twice!) yesterday and once the day before. We ran into old friends, new friends & coworkers. Everyone had a smile on their face & we all exchanged Thanksgiving well wishes with promises to get together soon. I love that.☺
Matty & I watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special last night. A pre-Thanksgiving tradition we enjoy.
 I love how Snoopy cooks the entire meal of toast, popcorn, pretzel sticks & jelly beans.
Marcy. One of my favorite Peanuts characters.
One year I will have to serve that too. Just for fun.☺
Here is what Omid is cooking for our Thanksgiving dinner: Two turkeys (one in a cherry juice brine, the other traditional with olive oil, butter & herb rub; one ham, cranberry rice (the Persian element in our dinner).
I am in charge of mashed potatoes, roasted carrots/asparagus, mealy pudding (Scotch dressing). We usually stuff the turkey with the dressing, but since the turkeys will be smoking in the Traeger, I will have to put the dressing in a loaf pan & bake it. It still tastes good. It is however, NOT Thanksgiving without Scotch dressing. I load my plate with the dressing, cranberry rice & cranberry sauce. That is my own Thanksgiving tradition. Those are the best parts of the dinner for me. Everything else I will take a little taste of. 
Dessert will be two of B's famous apple pies + a pumpkin pie from Costco (thanks mom/dad!).
Wishing you & yours a very happy Thanksgiving!

Don't forget! Apple Cup is at 12:30 p.m. on Friday & will be televised on FOX.

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