Sunday, January 13, 2013

NYE Revisited

Thank you to Trevor & Kristi for finally sending me the NYE photos!!
 Here are some of the extra highlights.
Menfolk discussing "ER or dinner?"
We should have gone to the ER. Two days later, Ward had to get 8 stitches.
Omid driving us to El  Gaucho & Ward playing the dj.
Fun fact: Ward loves to find a song, get everyone singing and having a great time
and then....BAM! He changes the track. It happened on every single song!!!!
Best friends!
 Katie B.: It was here that we texted you.
Stopped for the draw bridge.
NYE hats for everyone!
Our waiter. Doesn't he look like James Franco?
Kristi & Tammie
Cuties Ward & Lin
Jeff & Tammie
Trevor & Kristi
Happy New Year!!!
Tooooooot! Toooooooot!
With all the balloons around the restaurant, it was inevitable....
Omid & Ward put on a helium show. So funny!
Shot right before we went to Kell's Irish Pub.
Great group of friends!
Lucky floor 13
I am sure that the photo wasn't supposed to be of Omid & I.
Just look to the right!!
Dancing to the Prince cover band.
Work it Ward!!!

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