Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Try This!!

I caught the creeping crud that has been going around the three schools I work at & am home sick today. Since I was going to be home all day, I figured I would try the coconut oil hair treatment that I have seen all over Pinterest.

I used Harvest Bay brand coconut oil that I found at New Seasons ($12.99).
Costco sells another brand of coconut oil as well (in a much bigger size, for a much better price!).

I took a heaping teaspoonful and let it melt in my hands, then rubbed it through my hair. I did this two more times, making sure to get my scalp as well. I let it sit on my hair for a good hour. You can either wrap your head in a towel or not. I chose not to, and my hair looked greasy, stringy & got kind of crispy/crunchy - like I had put too much hair gel in it.

I washed my hair twice (just to make sure I removed all the coconut oil). I conditioned it as well, as my hair has been so dry with the winter weather.  Then I dried & styled my hair like I normally do.

The coconut oil worked GREAT! My hair is silky smooth - just like when I come home from the salon! I plan to use the coconut oil as a deep conditioner once a week.

Try this!!! I bet you won't be able to stop running your hands through your hair!☺

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