Thursday, February 28, 2013

Get Crafty!

Pinterest! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways....♥
I actually visited the Pinterest 'About Us' page yesterday & clicked on 'Careers.' Too bad all jobs are in SFO. I wish I could get paid for visiting Pinterest all day long. Seriously, the things I have learned from this site have been wonderful!☺
This is the cutest craft I have seen all week. The one I found on Pinterest had bunnies glued to the top, but I only found farm animals at Michael's (& on clearance too!).
I 'super glued' the animals to the jar lids.

Look at this! A teeny tiny spray paint can!
Thank you, Krylon! Pure Genius!

 These had to be sprayed a total of 3 times to get good coverage.
A few of the animals/lids needed an extra touch up as well.

Filled with Whopper Bird Eggs.
Rolo Candies
*(which were promptly removed & made into Ritz/Rolo cookies).
I think these turned out super cute!
Omid, not so much. He couldn't see the point.☺
Start saving your glass jars if you want to make these. All in all, this craft was about $10 (for the spray paint/plastic animals - both purchased from Michael's).

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