Monday, March 4, 2013

The Shred Diet


Have you heard about The Shred Diet?  I just heard about it two weeks ago while waiting to use the copy machine at work. Several coworkers were talking about it & the finer points, such as how dieters can have up to 3 glasses of wine per week. What?! That got my attention. I asked a bunch of questions, did some research on my lunch hour, ordered a copy of the book & jumped on the coworker 'diet' band wagon.

In fact, today is my first day of the diet. I am not doing this diet to lose a bunch of weight. I am quite happy with how I look. I am doing it to cut out the massive amounts of sugar that are in my diet. Cancer & wrinkles thrive on sugar - I want to try to limit their access to my life. doesn't hurt to try to eat smarter too.☺

The Shred diet isn't about giving up food. It's about eating smartly, several times a day, hydrating to the max with water & exercising. I can do this. I want to do this. Dr. Oz even endorses it (so it must be good, right?!).

I even had my first ever protein shake today. Based on my own unscientific Facebook poll, I bought the whey protein from Costco. Much better value for the dollar than New Seasons or Whole Foods and I might add, downright tasty.

I'll update more about my success or failure with the diet. From what I've read & heard from coworkers, week 3 is the hardest. :/

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