Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fun with Friends!

Isn't nice when colleagues are also friends? Omid's colleague, Daniel, visited from Germany last week. He was kind enough to spend his entire weekend with us. What a time we had too!☺
Look at this photo of Remy & Daniel. Daniel brought gifts for all of us (too kind!), even Remy!
 Remy was so appreciative, he snuggled with Daniel for hours. This is true!!
Daniel has made it known to Omid that he doesn't care for fish & won't eat it.  Omid wanted Daniel to at least try a 'bite' of the salmon that he caught & smoked - just to see if it would change Daniel's mind. We had to get a photo to prove that Daniel actually ate the fish!
Daniel tries smoked salmon!
These two both have single malt collections.
Here they are doing a tasting. I'll stick to wine tasting, thank you very much!

 Omid's other friend & coworker, Cheryl was visiting all week from Singapore as well. Cheryl extended her stay in town, just so she could have dinner with us & spend the night at our home.

Fun fact: When we visited Cheryl in Singapore, she took us out for the best black pepper crab!

These two are such good sports!
Why? Well, we may have made them watch college football all day long.
Cheryl left early Sunday morning, but Daniel came back for dinner on Sunday night too. Omid took him to Costco (our favorite store!). They found this wine. It's a Costco best buy, people! Look for it. Not only is it affordably priced, it's also delicious!
Our week with Daniel concluded on Tuesday night. The HP team (& significant others!)  took him out for a farewell dinner at the new Harvest restaurant in Camas. Our group stayed way past closing time and the restaurant staff was very kind about it.  
Such a fun night!
Daniel: don't wait too long until your next visit!
We hope you had a great time visiting us in Washington.

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Daniel Burger said...

Hello Erin, Hello Nick,

nice post :-) The pleasure was on my side. Thank you so much for your hospitality.

Hope to host you soon in Germany.

sincerely Daniel