Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I've been on the hunt for a full time job for the last year & a half. I have applied for probably 150-200 jobs and have had two interviews. While I love my ELL team & the students, it's just part time. With Matty going off to college soon (& some recent home emergencies), I need to help out in the $ department.  My friend Karen, who is an HR professional, took a look at my resume and called it 'very 90's.' Whoa! Karen spent two hours helping me edit my resume, giving it a more modern look. ☺

The same morning, I met with Karen, I prayed, "God, I have applied to every place I can think of in Clark County...please put an idea in my head or let a job fall into my lap."   Then this happened: my friend and former ELL coworker, Donna called. She is a licensed broker for John L. Scott and was looking for a part time assistant. Could I help her? Yes! Thank you, God!

While I am still looking for full time employment, Donna's call was a God send! Not only am I learning something new (real estate lingo), but we are two friends helping each other out. Thanks Donna!!!

By the way, if you are in the need of a realtor, Donna is the girl to call! I've only been on the job with her a short time, but have known her for 11 years. She is amazing!
First day on the  new job!

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