Sunday, March 22, 2015

Don't Make This!

For all the baking & cooking successes in my kitchen, there are lots of fails. Of course, I only like to blog about the successful recipes. Sometimes a recipe comes out so wrong, you have to blog about it to warn others not to try it!

I get this magazine every three months. There are lots of great ideas in it.

This quarter, there was a recipe for easy gnocchi. I LOVE gnocchi and order it whenever I see it on a menu at a restaurant. I've never made it because I've heard it was difficult.
I had some free time yesterday and thought I would try the 'easy' recipe.

The dough came together very easily and I was overjoyed that gnocchi wasn't so hard to make afterall.

Just look at those perfect pillows!
Everything was perfect until I dropped the gnocchi into the boiling water.

A soggy mess.
What was the consistency? Think sad and soggy tater tot.

For now, I'll stick to ordering gnocchi at reputable restaurants!

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