Sunday, July 10, 2016

Road Trip Oregon

Omid and I embarked on a fun filled road trip through Oregon last week. We visited all new places we hadn't been before. The best part was meeting up with dear friends along the way.  

Old school navigation. #ilovemaps #gocougstoo

First 'selfie' stop: Diamond Peak Wilderness

Sprague River #serene
We met up with friends Tom & Katie in Lakeview.

Coolest Safeway sign we ever saw. #cowboycountry
Restaurants close early  (8:30 p.m.) in Lakeview and were hungry while waiting for Lin & Ward to join us. We stopped at one restaurant and were turned away. They told us to try Jerry's. Jerry's hours say there closed at 8:30 p.m. too, but we were welcomed with open arms and stayed until almost 10:00 p.m. Thanks Jerry's!

4th of July with the BACs #badasscougs

Festive Friends
After spending a lovely 4th of July together, we parted ways with Lin & Ward. They left for the rainy coast and we stayed in sunny central Oregon with Tom & Katie for more adventures.

First stop was Fort Rock. Fort Rock is a volcanic landmark called a tuff ring, located on an ice age lake bed.

We could see for miles: an absolutely beautiful day!
#fortrock #bluesky #lushgreenalfalfa
We brought out our trusty map and looked to see where we should travel next. Katie found a place called 'Hole in the Ground.' Katie and I decided Tom & Omid had to take us there. When you see a name like that on a map, it's a must see!!

We drove 6 miles on a severely rutted Forest Service gravel road to see it. Hole in the Ground is actually a large maar (volcanic explosion crater). We heard there was a smaller maar nearby called Crack in the Ground, but decided against visiting as it is apparently hard to see.
Not as impressive as I hoped it would be. The crater is one mile across.
Tom then drove us up to Paulina Peak, near LaPine. From there we could see the Three Sisters, Mt. Washington and Mt. Hood. It was beautiful!

Paulina Lake & East Lake as seen from Paulina Peak.

Guess what we saw from Paulina Peak? Fort Rock!!!
Then it was off to see the Big Obsidian Flow.

Wow! So strong!

Paulina Falls

Katie & I found this old log full of Indian gum. We both had fond memories of chewing the stuff as kids, but didn't dare try it now. #kidsofthe70s.
It took us all day to stop and travel at these places and we were exhausted. We decided to stop in Bend, OR. We had dinner at the Deschutes Brewery Public House. So good!! Their Inversion IPA Caesar salad was out of this world!
The next morning it was off to see the Painted Hills. They are one of Oregon's 7 wonders!


From a distance, the hills look soft & velvety, but up close you can see it looks like dried mud. They are so fragile. It was unfortunate to see where tourists had stepped on the hills or had thrown rocks to break the claystone.

All in all, it was another wonderful adventure with our BACs (bad ass Cougs) friends! We are already looking forward to the next adventure!!


Chris and Sarah said...

I now have the Painted Hills on my bucket list! So pretty! And I love your old school maps, you BAC... :-)

erinz said...

Thanks for reading!! Hugs & prayers for you tonight in the delivery room! ♥

erinz said...

Wow! What a great post! Thanks for sharing! - Naseem

erinz said...

Love you, Nas!