Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Euorpean Adventure Part 5: The Family Burger!

Our Saturday in Germany was our busiest! Omid and I were both battling bad colds and actually slept in later than we wanted to, so we got a late start to our day. We took the train from Heilbronn to Leingarten where Daniel and his daughter Jasmin met us. Omid and I have known Daniel for years, but this was the first time we got to meet his family.
Back seat selfie with my new friend, Jasmin!

Fun fact: Everyone smiles in the same language. ☺

Daniel, Jasmin, Omid and I went wine tasting at the Rolf Willey winery.
So different from wine tasting in the US.

Fun fact: wine tasting is FREE and visitors can taste as many wines as they want.
Wine tasting in Leingarten can be an all day affair!

Such good sport!
We spent a fair amount of time at Rolf Willey and Jasmin didn't complain once!

What bottle should we try next?!
After we were finished tasting & purchasing wine, we picked up Anne & Leonie and headed to Schloss Ludwigsburg.
Fun Fact: Schloss Ludwigsburg is one of the largest Baroque style palaces in Germany.

The palace grounds was host to a large pumpkin festival. Jasmin and Leonie were really excited about visiting.
Fun fact: Kurbis is pumpkin in German!

The gardens at the palace were beautiful! We saw several couples taking wedding photos here.

Not to be outdone, we took our own selfie!!

Fun fact: Right after this photo, Anne took her first, ever selfie!! ☺

After walking the palace grounds, we headed back to Anne & Daniel's house for a dinner of yummy raclette!
Both girls helped to prepare the feast.

Leonie made everyone name tags. So sweet!

Jasmin hamming it up for the camera!

So much delicious food!
Daniel purchased every type of German sausage available and we tried them all!

New friends!

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