Tuesday, November 22, 2016

European Adventure: Part 4: Heidelberg Castle

Friday morning, Edgar, Daniel and Omid had to go to the office, so I was on my own for sightseeing. I took a train to the town of Heidelberg, then caught a bus that dropped me off at the base of a very steep hill. Right at the bus station, you look up and Voila! There is Schloss Heidelberg looking down at you.

Fun fact: Schloss in German = castle
It was super cold (39*) in Heidelberg. Thankfully, I found a shop that sold hat/gloves and was able to save my ears/hands from the bitter cold.
Marktplatz Heidelberg

Heidelberg is so cute! Totally reminded me of Leavenworth, Washington
I wish I had a taken a photo of the long, steep hill to get to the back side of the castle. I like to think I am in pretty good shape, but I had to stop several times just to catch my breath. It was no joke. There is a funicular that you can ride to the top (round trip $7). If you purchase a castle tour, the ride down is included in the price.
Finally made it to the back entrance.

View from the top!

Heidelberg peek-a-boo!

Castle courtyard

I joined a castle tour ($10) and it was in English. Our group had consisted of Americans, Brazilians, and Australians. We learned that the castle dungeon was never empty and was always at capacity.
Fun fact: This wine barrel holds 12,000 gallons of wine.

Even funner fact: This wine barrel holds 55,000 gallons of wine AND has a dance floor on the top!
I spent the entire day at the castle and down in Heidelberg. It was a great day adventure. I took the bus and the train back to Heilbronn to meet Omid and the gang for dinner.
Say cheese!
Elena, me, Daniel, Sasha, Peter, Edgar & Omid
We had dinner at this great restaurant. Edgar and I got the chef's choice tasting menu (4 courses). Daniel really tried to convince me to order the schnitzel, but I couldn't pass up the tasting menu. It was absolutely delicious and I am so glad I ordered it.  We also sampled several local wines at this restaurant. Each one was better than the last.

Fun fact: German wines are absolutely delicious!

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