Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Best Dog in the World

Remy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge early Sunday morning. He was in obvious distress and was ready to go. I know he's with my dad. I know he can run and chase small animals again. That gives me tons of comfort. 

His passing has left a huge void in our lives. Our hearts are broken and only time will heal the hurt. One day when we think of Remy, we'll only smile and have happy memories.  We had 13.5 wonderful years with him that we wouldn't trade for anything.

For now, I want to remember everything about him.

We wouldn't have had Remy in our lives if it wasn't for Naseem. She used to be a very picky eater and refused most food except for chicken nuggets, buttered noodles, raw carrots and mangoes. Omid made her a deal: Eat whatever was put in front of her for one month, and he would buy her a dog! It was hard for Nas, but she did it! We were all so excited. She thought she wanted a Bearded Collie, but after visiting the Rose City Dog Show, a Vizsla actually found us and the search was on for a breeder.
 A year later, she finally got her puppy!

Remy loved oranges, blueberries and tomatoes. Every year we bought him his own cherry tomato plant. He'd check it everyday. He'd also check the neighbors tomato plants and blueberry bushes too. 

Remy loved to go on our boat and dive off the back again and again (50 times in a row, no joke), he would get so tired, Omid would have to put a lifejacket on Remy and stay in the water with him to keep Remy from sinking. 

Remy loved the beach. There were so many miles of sand for him to run and run and run.
 Remy also loved to go clamming with us. He never missed a trip. He was a pretty good clammer too.
He always came away with one or two clams.

Remy loved his people and we loved him back. 

Remy was a 55 lb lap dog who loved his snuggle time.

He gave us so much love and affection. 

He was silly, goofy, elegant and noble all at the same time.

RIP my sweet, good boy. I know we'll see you again. 

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