Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice

My sister Cynthia & niece Sammee came down to visit us yesterday. We talked Omid into taking us out to dinner. We looked through the Payback book to see which restaurant had a coupon and ended up at Blackstone Grill. The restaurant was really busy, which was good - because our table of seven was not quiet!

Creme Brulee = YUM!

Cynce & Sam

I love Tamarack Firehouse Red!

What is Tamarack Firehouse Red?

"My chicken fingers tasted more like fish fingers, but my soda was delicious."

Thank you for dinner! Now, please take us to look at Christmas lights!

Aaaahh! No more kissy pictures!
We actually had two - but this sneaky boy deleted them both.

After dinner, Omid drove us to this one house that was advertised in the newspaper. Their Christmas lights were synchronized to music (tune your radio to 87.9). After that, Omid played his Lady Gaga cd and we drove all around town looking at Christmas lights. What a fun way to celebrate the Winter Solstice!


The Rinkels said...

Omid likes Lady Gaga! That's hilarious!

sbaily said...

A great evening. What fun.