Sunday, December 20, 2009

Reason #809 to Love Trader Joe's!

Eucalyptus wreaths for $12.99!!! This is the second TJ eucalyptus wreath I've purchased in 5 years...and the price five years ago was $12.99. I put the new wreath in my downstairs powder room. The scent of the eucalyptus plus the scent of our Christmas tree makes the entire house smell like Christmas. The other wreath (which I removed from my powder room), I had Matty fasten to the front gate of our picket fence. It looks adorable! It would look even more festive if we had some snow. The idea was not mine - I borrowed it from The Nie Nie Dialogues (Life Moments/The Snow Circus). I loved her idea!
**Speaking of wreaths: I may try and make this appetizer wreath for a party we are attending this week. So cute!
AND...the kids and I always make these cookies for our cookie plates. They are a Christmas tradition.


Arezou said...

Evan and I both think you should write a column or publish this blog.

erinz said...

You are too nice!

sbaily said...

I guess you don't recall that we made the wreath cookies when you were a child at our current home. Exact same recipe. That is why I always had a bag of Red Hots.

sbaily said...

I ran into Trader Jo's the other day but did not see the door wreathes. Great idea for the fence.