Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nas' Sweet Sixteen!

Bakerella's white chocolate crunch.
It's no secret that Nas loves carbonated soda. I found these cupcake picks at Bake it Pretty.

Nas received lots & lots of Coca Cola & one squishy Coke pillow.

Bowl of Mustaches!

Megan & Eric

Julie & Rachel

Loving the mustaches!

I love chocolate-caramel fondue!!

Duck, duck, goose (really!)

Wondering why I kept asking for Michael's coupons? I needed them for the swords! $4.99 at Michaels....with the coupons they were 40% off. The kids had a sword fight, then drove all over town with their swords. Did you happen to see them?


bgygi said...

what is chocolate caramel fondue? sounds yum!

erinz said...

I posted the recipe on Facebook under NOTES. It's good stuff!