Sunday, February 14, 2010

Netflix This!!

Cute, quirky movie. The kids and I were craving pie afterwards (go figure!). We used up the last of the monster blueberries we picked last summer and baked a yummy pie.


Amanda said...

Always wanted to see that!!


The Rinkels said...

Hi there,
I have tried the Bounce dryer bar. Here's the deal. The original one that I had was awesome. I would have paid retail for it. The refill I got months later was not so good. It left white marks on our dark clothes. Kurt ripped it out of the dryer after it marked up his uniform. If you're going to try it, get it on sale (plus a coupon) and use it for light colored loads.

erinz said...

Thanks Heidi!

Laurel said...

My blueberries are almost gone!