Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Buy This!!

 I am so happy I found a cleaning product that actually does what it says it's going to! 

After using The Kitchen Stone, my kitchen sink (though I clean it with bleach or Comet every day) looks brand new! There was an entire layer of soap scum build up that was removed. The sink took me one hour to get clean. These products require lots of elbow grease BUT the results are worth it. I used an entire stone just on the kitchen sink.
My toilets - (again: clean!) - had orange rings around them. NOTHING could remove the rings. I tried CLR, bleach, denture tablets & even Coca Cola. A few minutes with The Bathroom Stone and the rings came right off!! The toilets also looked brand new. I bought one Bathroom Stone for the toilets & a separate one for the bathroom sinks. The sinks look great too!

Buy these! The price is right & the results will make you smile. I found these stones at Fred Meyer & paid $3.39 for each.