Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Day at the Coast!

It's no secret we love razor clams (& we try to go to every open dig we can). The last dig of the season closes on Tuesday and we felt the need to fill our freezer with these delicious clams. Saturday's low tide was perfect so we left our home at 5:00 a.m. & headed for Long Beach. Nas decided to sit this one out. It's too bad. Not only did we need her for our limit (she is good for 15 clams!), but she is usually the photographer too. I was only able to shoot a few pics as I had to hunt & dig for clams.

 Hittin' the road. Remy wasn't so happy that he had to sit in the back. Poor doggy.

We got our limits and when we were packing up to go, we spotted this bald eagle.

He was magnificent! On our way home, we saw 4 more in a tree. What a treat!

Leaving Long Beach, Omid drove by the Nahcotta Tidelands. We stopped to harvest some oysters. This was a first for us. Something new to cross of our list.

Here are the rules. Shellfish license - a must. DF&W is right next to the entrance. The DF&W officers were there and they were checking licenses. We saw three people get their oysters confiscated & were receiving hefty tickets. The license is only $7.  You can take 18 oysters per person, oysters must be shucked on the beach, shells stay there. 

The rules.

 I made sure Omid checked each oyster he shucked for pearls, but he didn't fine any. Too bad.

 Oyster beds
 See how far we had to walk? Our car was all the way over there. Poor Remy had to stay in the car. The oyster shells would have sliced his foot pads open. He was not happy.

 The biggest oyster we found. Can't wait to eat it!

 Matty helped harvest & shuck the oysters. He kept saying he wouldn't eat them. He changed his mind last night and ate his first oyster shooter. What did he think? Not so bad!

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Chris and Sarah said...

Awww! That looks like a whole lot of fun! Wow!